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Halloween trailer breakdown: a showdown 40 years in the making

“He’s waited for this night. He’s waited for me. I’ve waited for him.”

The day is finally here, fellow Halloween fans. The trailer for this year’s direct sequel to the first film has been released and it brings me such pleasure to say that it really lives up to the hype!

No matter how you feel about the numerous Halloween sequels and reboots, you probably agree that none have come close to the brilliant, genre-defying first film. The last time we saw Michael Myers on the big screen was in Rob Zombie’s rebooted Halloween 2, which featured far too many scenes of Michael’s dead mother and her white horse speaking to him in his mind. How many is too many? More than none. Luckily, no horse hooves or white haired departed mamas can be spotted in this new trailer.

The fact that original director John Carpenter endorsed the film, the decision to bring back Laurie Strode (scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis) to the franchise and opting to ignore the increasingly-silly slew of sequels are all reasons to be genuinely excited about this sequel.

Watch the trailer below, then read on for a detailed breakdown!

Trailer breakdown

The trailer begins with a couple of meddling investigators opting to visit Michael Myers in an insane asylum. Luckily they arrived during serial-killer-social-hour, and are able to approach him and taunt him with his old mask.

Seems like a smart idea.

We then meet Laurie Strode’s granddaughter as she tells her friends that her family goes nuts during Halloween every year. One of her friend’s ask if the guy who killed all of those people was Laurie’s brother, but she quickly dismisses that, stating “that’s something that people made up”. Those people would be the creative team behind Halloween II, but as I mentioned this installment is ignoring all events after the first film.

Next, we see Laurie Strode doing target practice on a bunch of dummies. She is heard in voice over explaining to a police officer that she always hoped Michael Myers would return. When the officer asks why, she plainly explains “so that I can kill him”.

“Thanks, Activia, for keeping me regular so that I can perform target practice.”

We then see a man and his son driving down a dark road, when the boy suddenly shouts “dad, look out!” Somehow, his father seems to have not noticed that directly in front of him a bus has flipped over and a dozen or more men wearing white after Labor day are crowding the road. Laurie is then seen informing her family that Michael has escaped containment in the bus crash.

After that, we cut back to the investigators visiting Michael at the asylum. The female investigator is in a bathroom stall when we see someone else enter. Meanwhile, the male investigator finds a dead body and becomes reasonably concerned. Back in the bathroom stall, Michael approaches the stall and reaches his hand over it, dropping a mouthful of bloody teeth into the stall in front of her.

“I just saw them and thought of you. If you don’t like them you can totally take them back and do an exchange!”

Then we see Michael reaching down and grabbing his mask, putting it on and taking a moment to breathe in the moment. It’s a beautiful moment, and also one that spells trouble for babysitters everywhere.

With Michael now reunited with his mask, it is Halloween night and we see him stalking the streets and scoping out potential victims. This is when Laurie speaks the bad-ass, quotable line of the trailer: “He’s been waiting for this night. He’s been waiting for me. I’ve been waiting for him.”

This gives way to a brief look at the beginning of the Michael v Laurie showdown as she takes aim at him through a window.

There are then numerous quick gilmpses of Michael in pursuit of many victims. He even hides under a bed sheet in vintage Michael Myers fashion. We also see Laurie confidently calling out his name while holding a rifle.

The two then come face to face and seemingly engage in a knife fight.

In this scene it appears Jamie Lee Curtis is channeling her feelings towards her management for suggesting she do Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

For the final zinger of the trailer, we see a young girl trying to close the closet door but it just won’t budge. What could be the culprit? A fallen hanger? A toy truck? Oh, shoot. It’s Michael Myers!

“Oh, hey masked intruder. Mind passing me my PJs?”

With that, the trailer comes to an end and that iconic piano theme blares.

So what did you think of the trailer? Are you excited for Halloween? Do you think it was a smart idea to ignore the other Halloween sequels, and which one of those is your favorite? Sound off below and be sure to catch Halloween when it hits theaters on October 19th, 2018!


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