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Poor Taste Wrestling podcast episode 3: There’s a new constable in town

CM Punk’s trial comes to an end, Baron Corbin gets a promotion and the New Day continue to crush it.

Another crazy week in the world of professional wrestling, as CM Punk’s trial has already come to a close — which may have Punk softening his hardline stance against wrestling again. Shawn Michaels also made headlines for saying he’d be open for one more match if it was done the right way. Another former WWE Superstar, Wade Barrett, told his story on Talk is Jericho and we break it down.

And of course, we’re talking about everything that happened on RawSmackDown Live and NXT, look forward to Money in the Bank, and a whole lot more.

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P-T-Dub! P-T-Dub! P-T-Dub!


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