June 13, 2018’s 5 in 5: The five comic books you should buy this week

It’s a huge week of #1 issues, again. Which ones made the cut?

Welcome to 5 in 5 where we tell you what the top 5 comics are within 5 minutes. It’s a week of great #1 issues with Marvel’s Thor #1 kicking off a fresh start, Hawkman #1 literally getting a fresh start, Image Comics and Netflix’s The Magic Order #1, and Deadpool Assassin #1 kicking off a new miniseries.

AfterShock comics ends up being the dark horse in this race with the Garth Ennis and Goran Sudzuka created A Walk Through Hell #2 out this week too.

Check out the 5 books you just have to buy below!

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