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Super Smash Bros Ultimate features enormous roster of past fighters and a colossal new one: Ridley

Super Smash Bros Ultimate brings every roster character to the Switch and finally includes Ridley!

Nintendo finally drops more info on the Switch Super Smash Bros edition, Ultimate, and they’re bringing back the entire Smash roster.

With the inclusion of 8 player battles, and apparently a novel way to unlock characters, this looks like it’s primed to be a crowd pleaser. The full reveal video has a deep dive into a ton of characters, explaining new final smashes, player changes, costume options, and a new wrinkle – Echo fighters, with Daisy as a “echo” to Peach, with a slightly different move set.

Nintendo is also supporting all previous Smash Amiibos, and Gamecube controllers, which should keep the competitive set happy, and when it comes to new fighters? The only two are the previously announced Inkling and in an awesome move, Ridley is finally coming out! And they said Ridley was too big for Smash:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate releases December 7th, 2018.


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