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The Flash #48 Review

Flash War Part Two: The first appearance of Wally and Hunter together in a decade!

Joshua Williamson
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The second part of Flash War and the first meeting between Wally West and Hunter Zolomon in over ten years is here. What is also here is the first appearance of Wally West’s kids in at least eight years. This issue continues to build forward the momentum of Flash War with some good writing by Joshua Williamson; meanwhile Howard Porter’s art is completely stellar as usual.

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“FLASH WAR” part two! Barry Allen and Wally West are brought to the future to stand trial for the murder of Eobard Thawne, but a terrible truth is uncovered when they reach the court–and Wally West is confronted with something he never even realized he lost.

Tell me about it!

So now Wally has all of his pre-Flashpoint history back and all it took was one left hook to Hunter’s face and the appearance of his children’s costumes again. It’s also revealed that Hunter doesn’t have any powers still but claims he wants to help Wally save his family — which most likely is a lie. While Hunt claims to be not corrupted by his powers now it’s obvious from the prelude that he’s not trying to help Wally but instead is trying to cause more problems between he and Barry. Hunter is also shown to have seen Flashpoint and knows what happens within as shown by a great panel of the finale of Flashpoint drawn by Howard Porter. The Flash museum also has incredible records of things including being able to show Flashpoint. As usual Bart, Max and Jesse are teased in the background of the panels throughout the issue which is annoying because it feels like a tease ut it also gives me hope to see them again soon in comics.

The scene of Barry not holding back and just blitzing the Renegades to get them to take him to Wally was a really cool moment that shows that when Barry is not messing around, he is incredibly powerful.

The Flash #48
Is it good?
A fun little issue that continues the plot of Flash War with fantastic art by Howard Porter.
Joshua writes a good interaction between Hunter and Wally.
Without the prelude issue, it'd be easy to believe Hunter is sincere about wanting to be Wally's friend.
Howard Porter's art is fantastic as usual.
The plot didn't go too far with this issue but the character interactions made up for it.

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