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Big Cass has been released by WWE

His final WWE match was against Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank.

After a series of start-stop pushes due to injuries and other outside forces, WWE has released Big Cass.

Cass was most recently involved in a program with Daniel Bryan over the amount of attention Bryan’s return to the ring received compared to Cass, who was cleared on the same day as the leader of the Yes! Movement. Following two pay-per-view losses to Bryan, WWE announced that they’ve come to terms with his release.

Cass has been the subject of several rumors involving his supposed heat backstage and disagreements pertaining to his role in the company. He reportedly went off script a few weeks ago, attacking a little person when he was only supposed to lay him out with one big boot. Evidently, these disagreements have reached a boiling point, and Cass joins former tag partner Enzo Amore in the unemployment line.


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