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Changes coming to Sombra with Overwatch’s July patch

Sombra is getting yet another rework, in a long line of reworks, tweaks, buffs and nerfs.

Yet another Overwatch hero is getting a significant rework. This time it’s my favorite feisty little señorita, Sombra.

You get a rework! And you get a rework! And you get a rework!

It feels like Blizzard is going straight up Oprah on hero reworks these days. Doomfist, Mei and Reaper were all recent recipients of moderate adjustments and the Symmetra available on the PTR is essentially an entirely different hero than the one currently on live servers.

Now it’s Sombra’s turn. Jeff Kaplan responded to a Sombra mega-thread on the Overwatch community forums and had this to say, “We have changes going in for Sombra for the July patch. Most likely, the changes will show up on the PTR sometime next week or soon after that. They are pretty significant.”

Significant you say? Tell me more. “I’m not going to detail the changes for now as they are still in flux. But playtesting has gone well and we’re eager to improve her.”, Kaplan wrote. Bummer. But hey we only have to wait a week to find out.

Sombra is without question in a wonky place right now. I can’t think of another hero that’s been changed half as much as she has. It feels like every patch she’s either getting nerfed or buffed. Whatever they do to her, I hope a bug fix is included. Both her Hack and Translocator abilities haven’t worked properly in quite some time. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.


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