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Batman’s son Robin breaks a major rule that changes him forever in Teen Titans Special #1

Damian Wayne may never be the same again.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

The Teen Titans are getting a major facelift this summer. It all begins in Teen Titans Special #1, out today, revealing how three of the team members are fed up with how superheroes do things. The issue focuses on Kid Flash, Red Arrow, and Damian aka Robin. Writer Adam Glass appears to be making this team more brutal and possibly willing to kill to enact justice.

One such scene takes place early on and it may make Batman fans very angry. In the scene Damian beats up all of Black Mask’s men. Alone in a sauna Robin whips out a gun…

He won’t do it, right? Batman taught him to never kill.

He did it! Well, at least we think he did it. The panels suggest the character may still be alive since we don’t see a bullet go through his brain. That said, the way the scene is framed seems to suggest Damian is willing to kill to enact justice.

You can read Teen Titans Special #1 digitally today.


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