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ComiCONN 2018: Cosplay – Connecticut-Style [Gallery]

A look at a few of the many talented cosplayers who attended ComiCONN 2018!

Casinos are known to attract some pretty colorful characters, but on June 30 and July 1, it was the regulars at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut who got to see actual colorful characters–the cosplayers at ComiCONN 2018!

Below is just a sampling of the many talented cosplayers who got to share their artistic abilities with their fellow attendees. And if you see yourself in this post, be sure to let us know your name in the comment space below!

See more photos of Matches Malone as Batman on Instagram @real_matches_malone.

Carrie Kelley isn’t the only character Jennifer Rose cosplays as – Check out more photos on Instagram @jenniferrose7.

Ghost Rider’s real name is Carl Baker, and he can be found online at

To see more of The AngryGeeks Show’s Jamie Dolan as Hela and other characters, visit thatwonderwoman.1 on Instagram.

This armored Batman is actually Ruby Rinekso, who can be found on Instagram @rubinekso.

Ally Oops is behind Zombie Marvel Girl’s mask, and can be found on Instagram @allyoopspinup.

Duffman joined Ally Oops in raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society –

The Flash – racing through time to prevent Justice League from being released in theaters!

Domino, before trying her luck at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Couple of cosplayers just clowning around.

You wanna watch where you’re pointing that thing, Winter Soldier!

Remake The Last Jedi? Not if Kylo Ren and Rey have anything to say about it!

See more of Connecticut 501st Garrison’s Star Wars costumes at

Hey – that’s my job!


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