Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project: First look at Mecha-Jaraxxus Warlock hero skin and in-game emotes


If you’ve been following our coverage of Hearthstone‘s newest expansion, The Boomsday Project, you know one of the pre-order Mega Bundle’s biggest selling points (besides the obvious 80 card pack bundle) is a brand new Warlock hero skin to go alongside Gul’dan and Nemsy. Namely, Mecha-Jaraxxus, mechanized version of the Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion:

For a (much) bigger version of the art (7500×4500), click here.

Check out Mecha-Jaraxxus’ emotes in action:

The Boomsday Project releases August 7th 2018 PST. Stay tuned to AiPT! for all the latest updates, including coverage of the upcoming card reveal livestream on July 23rd.