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G. Willow Wilson and Cary Nord will take over ‘Wonder Woman’ ongoing in November

“The Just War” starts November 14.

Writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Cary Nord will take over DC’s Wonder Woman ongoing comic starting November 14, with the start of a new arc titled “The Just War” that will begin in Wonder Woman #58.

DC made the announcement in their All Access Video YouTube series.

In the video above, DC publisher Dan Didio said that DC “couldn’t be more excited” for Wonder Woman‘s new run.

Wilson is perhaps best known right now for her work on Marvel’s Ms. Marvel series, and she assured fans on Twitter that she’s not leaving Marvel.

Wilson won the Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story in 2015 and the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in 2016 for Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel.

Said Wilson, “I’m delighted to be writing such an iconic character as Wonder Woman and to be working with DC once again. With more than 75 years of history, Wonder Woman has a wealth of backstory and drama to draw from, and I look forward to putting a spin on Diana and her supporting cast that’s both new, yet familiar. It’ll be a challenge to do her justice, but I like a challenge and can’t wait to get started.”

Wonder Woman #58 hits shelves November 14.


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