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The Punisher #227 brings back the new ‘Secret Empire’ villain and sets up a ‘Civil War’ rematch

A major battle is brewing for The Punisher, Iron Man, and a major new Marvel Comics villain.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

If you’re like me, you loved Secret Empire and enjoyed Captain America: Civil War. Matthew Rosenberg appears to be setting up a combo of the two in the very next issue of The Punisher, and fans may want to brace themselves. In The Punisher #227, we learn Punisher, Black Widow, and Winter Soldier are on a mission to break into a high-security prison. Near the end of the book, we are witness to Baron Zemo making a mad dash with Punisher hot on his trail.

As we know from Secret Empire Baron Zemo and Captain America, or “Stevil” as Deadpool calls him, were very close friends. It appears a reunion is in order.

Sounds like Rosenberg is preparing readers for a Punisher vs. Stevil showdown. To make things even more interesting Iron Man, who was recently awakened from his coma, closes out the comic.

With Punisher wearing a War Machine armor, Iron Man ready to fight, and Stevil close by that can only mean one thing: Civil War rematch!

You can read Punisher #227 digitally today.


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