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Transformers: Lost Light #20 Review

Rodimus vs. Getaway! Finally!

James Roberts
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With the current IDW Transformers universe wrapping up in October, Transformers: Lost Light is hurtling towards its conclusion issue 20 coming out 1 week after issue 19. With many questions still unanswered and loose ends still untied, what awaits us in this issue?

The last two years of Lost Light and its predecessor More than Meets the Eye have been building up towards one of the main events in this issue: Rodimus finally coming face to face with Getaway. The past and present captains of the Lost Light get a lot of time and attention here, and Roberts makes the most of it. Both characters are often selfish and self serving but while Getaway continues to travel down the wrong path we see Rodimus working out whether he really wants revenge. One of the strong points of Lost Light has been the insight into Getaway and how his actions have spiraled out of control. That really came through in everything that Getaway did here. I loved the ending of this part of the story as it felt very fitting and poetic.

The large cast of Lost Light means that the story does a lot of moving back and forth between scenes. Cyclonus and Star Saber gets a lot less time than I expected but it does make a lot of sense and their parts are memorable nonetheless. The Spark-eaters part of the story gets wrapped up very quickly. While part of that feeling is due to the previous issue only coming out last week, it is one area that feels a little rushed.

I expected lots of references and call backs in the last six issues of Lost Light. What I didn’t expect was to see a call back to 2015’s Transformers Holiday Special, especially one that had a big impact on the story. While I can see it feeling cheap or too obscure for some readers, to me it shows just how much Roberts has up his sleeves and how well he knows the Lost Light. Despite there only being five issues after this one there are still a lot of questions that are unanswered, although it feels like the answers are just around the corner. Questions like: Who is the Grand Architect? Will we find out what Rung transforms into? What actually happened at the end of this issue?

While Roberts drives this issue with the character work and the call backs, Casey Coller and Joana Lafuente more than excel on the art side of things. Handling 30 different characters can be a hard ask but Coller does a great job with capturing the likenesses and the action. His expression work is really good as well, which works really well in the Getaway and Rodimus scenes. The big moments are captured perfectly and really convey how important these moments are. Lafuente deserves a lot of credit for those scenes as well, adding a lot of energy to those moments.

Transformers: Lost Light #20
Is it good?
A great conclusion to the mutiny story and great character work spotlighting Rodimus and Getaway. The series speeds towards it's conclusion, with the issue containing answers, questions and obscure references.
Great conclusion to the story between Rodimus & Getaway
Some surprising and well used call backs to past stories
The story feels slightly rushed due to the release schedule

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