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Geoff Johns delves deep into new DC Universe show ‘Titans’ at SDCC

Geoff Johns discusses new show ‘Titans’ and reveals new details.

It seems like every year SDCC hosts a spotlight panel with Geoff Johns and many would agree it’s a well-deserved slot for the revolutionary creator. He’s not only changed how we see and think about Aquaman, but also saved Green Lantern from being “put on the shelf” as panel MC Dan DiDio puts it. Much like last year, the panel opened with DiDio and Johns discussing Johns’ career in a casual manner. Well, about as casual as you can get before showing the strikingly violent and adult Titans trailer for the audience to enjoy.

Based on the reaction of the audience, people loved what they saw. Johns said Titans is all about doing something new that “pushed the envelope and did things that people hadn’t done before” Seeing Dick Grayson say, “f--k Batman” certainly falls into that category. Johns said there are a lot more characters to be revealed, like Dana Troy and Jason Todd, and that it’s “a whole Titans universe.”

There was no skimping on tidbits and details about the show even though the trailer came out today. For instance, Johns told the audience an early episode written by him features Doom Patrol characters Robot Man and Negative Man. Johns revealed the show will go deeper into Dick Grayson’s backstory. The show starts with Grayson coming off a bad break with Batman and “he’s actually trying to leave Robin behind because of what it has become.” Johns then teased, “People familiar with Dick Grayson can probably guess on where it’s going to go.”

Johns explained the beauty of this show is how each character on the team has its own genre, so to speak. “Every one of these great characters, like Raven, Starfire, Dick Grayson and Beast Boy, they’re all doorways into these other worlds.” That said, Johns said the first season is really about Rachel and when the show begins she recently acquired her powers.

Some might find the swearing and tone to be off-putting, but Johns said fans should really enjoy it. “I can’t wait for you to see how deep we go into the DC universe and the Titans universe particularly in this first season.”


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