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Notes from Dan DiDio and Jim Lee publisher breakfast: Future stories from Scott Snyder, Alex Sanchez, and Steve Orlando

DC Comics publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio talk about titles for the year to come.

When you’re attending a press-exclusive event, you know you’re in for some major reveals. Dan DiDio and Jim Lee did not disappoint this year, at an event hosted at Roy’s restaurant right near the harbor pier. The event kicked off with DiDio going over the approach they are taking in the coming year and how their focus is all about breaking into new markets (like they are with Walmart) and to create new DC Comics fans for life. Three titles and their creators, Tom King and Batman, Brian Michael Bendis and Superman, and Scott Snyder with Justice League, were all staples that DiDio made quite clear are their icon titles.

DiDio detailed how excited he and Jim Lee are about Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp’s upcoming Green Lantern series and how Scott Snyder will be back to writing the Batman Who Laughs very soon. DiDio said the Batman Who Laughs is a horror story that goes back to Scott Snyder’s roots. “We loved his work when he first took over Batman. Back with Detective [Comics] with ‘Black Mirror’ and it feels a lot like the ‘Black Mirror’ story.”

DiDio let slip a bit early that Kelly Sue DeConnick would be taking over Aquaman which we detailed in full earlier today.

DiDio delved into a new series called Electric Warriors which will be out this November. As DiDio put it, it’s a series “…that we did back in the ’80s and for some reason has been sitting on my desk for about a year and a half.”

Jim Lee chimed in, “It was an old video game property,” throwing DiDio off who replied, “Is it?” in which Lee retorted, “I don’t know,” bringing a big laugh to the audience. Lee continued, “You’re like hey, kids love Fortnite. We should do Electric Warriors!” DiDio corrected him, “It was Overwatch,” to which Lee retorted, “Whatever, same logic.”

DiDio made it clear this is actually how office conversations go. In all seriousness, DiDio detailed that this new series is a project Steve Orlando is taking on full steam ahead focused on an alternate future. “Steve is creating a universe where the heroes have inspired these warrior zones and ultimately it’s a battle game for the most part. But there are a lot of touch points that really bring it back to the DCU that, if you’re a longtime fan, you enjoy stories like this.”

Jim Lee went into some detail about the new DC Ink series Truth or Consequences: A Jack Hyde Story which is the working title of an Aqualad story written by award-winning author Alex Sanchez. The story is “focused on an African-American Aqualad character who is gay who basically believes that he’s allergic to water and then discovers of course that he’s not. That he’s obviously this character with superpowers. It’s a really interesting coming of age story where he learns about his sexuality and also becomes a superhero.”

They also talked all about DC Black Labelt (more on that here).

The breakfast concluded with a special celebration with a Guinness Book of World Records staff on hand. He was there to recognize the major milestone of 1,000 issues of Action Comics. GWR adjudicator Michael Furnari was on hand to present an official certificate of achievement to the Publishers.


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