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DC announces ‘Batman: Hush’ will receive an animated film adaptation

One of Batman’s most iconic stories is being brought to the world of animated films.

In 2002 writer Jeph Loeb and legendary artist Jim Lee brought the world a 12-part Batman story that would go on to become one of the most popular adventures the caped crusader would ever embark upon. That story is of course Hush, which DC Comics will now be adapting into an animated film and will debut on their new DC Universe streaming platform in summer 2019.

The story follows Batman through confrontations with a slew of his most famous adversaries: Ra’s al Ghul, the Joker, the Riddler, Poison Ivy and several other notable DC heroes and villains. But it was a new villain, dubbed Hush, that pushed the Dark Knight to the brink by hinting at the return of the once dead Jason Todd. Readers of the current Batman series can also glimpse some of the first undertones of the romantic relationship between Batman and Catwoman.

At this time there’s no word on who will write and direct the animated adaptation; all we know is Hush will be one of four animated films DC releases in 2019 via DC Universe. What we can say is Hush is sure to have massive expectations from the fan base, which in turn is bound to lead to speculation and theorizing around how much of the source material will make the final cut.


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