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AiPT! Staff Picks: July 2018

AiPT! Podcast co-host Jason Segarra and Movies Editor Nathaniel Muir share their Staff Picks for July.

July is coming to an end and August is around the corner. This summer has screamed right by! Though it feels like it just came out in theaters, we’ll be able to own Infinity War on digital this week. One more month of fun in the sun and then it will be pumpkin spice everything on the shelves. But before we move on to August, we have to get the July Staff Picks out of the way. This month we have my partner in crime on the AiPT! Podcast, Jason Segarra and Movies section editor, Nathaniel Muir.

Jason Segarra: AiPT! Podcast co-host and contributor

Current favorite comic series: I’ve said it on past versions of this same article, but it’s still going strong and still kicking ass. The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt just keeps on trucking with weird, high-concept sci-fi, faithful homage to the source material, and gripping action sequences that no other book really seems to stack up to. There just isn’t much that compares, so Wild Storm remains my number 1 series on the shelf.

Current favorite TV series: I’m not a full on weab or anything, but lately I’ve been watching a lot of My Hero Academia. It’s a fun series with great side characters (except Bakugo, who I can’t friggin stand) and some of the best action sequences in the medium. I’ve also been watching the new seasons of Luke Cage and GLOW, but neither has held my interest as well as their previous outings. Hopefully the second half of those seasons will perk up a bit.

Current gaming addiction: Feels a little trite to say it, but I’m a big Fortnite guy. I’m pretty into this new season thus far, what with the bits of different worlds and the teleporting rifts. I think it’s super cool that such a basic game in a crazy popular genre at this point keeps finding ways to keep their product fresh and unique through more than just paid content. Now if only Sony would let me play with all my skins and taunts on the Switch…

Last good movie you saw: I gotta be honest, I haven’t seen anything new in a while that I’ve genuinely enjoyed. Infinity War or Deadpool 2 maybe? Recently I’ve been watching a few of my favorite bland action movies from the past however, with Gone in 60 Seconds and S.W.A.T. being two standouts in the genre. Neither is really that good of a movie, but I could (and have) watch either of them 100 times and still enjoy them about as much as the first time. Also, there’s a pretty sweet Final Fight movie on YouTube…

Coolest recent purchase: Not sure that this counts, but I paid my deposit for my next tattoo, which I’m pretty excited about. My shoulders are almost completely covered, so I’m moving into my forearms at this point. As such, I’m really looking forward to the black and gray Tom Waits portrait that I’m likely getting on the day this article goes live.

What is a song that you can’t get out of your head at the moment? Like most of the internet, I can’t seem to escape Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Pretty much any moment you see me nowadays, I’m wondering if Kiki loves me and if she’s riding right beside me. Follow up: No I’m not going to do the challenge.

SDCC has come and gone. After all of the announcements, what are you looking forward to? I feel like this year was a little light on high points, but there were a few things I’m interested in seeing. I think Shazam looks pretty good, as does the forthcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, and I’m looking forward to X-Men Extermination, but the real answer is probably the new season of Young Justice. There’s reason to be worried (the animation doesn’t look as crisp as previous seasons, and I still don’t know that I’m going to invest in a DC Universe subscription, but I loved that show and would love to see more of the Titans without worrying about Dick Grayson saying “F--k Batman.”

Politics are all anybody can think about these days. If you ran for President, what comic book character would you choose to be your VP and why? I wouldn’t want to work with someone crazy ambitious like Lex Luthor or Doctor Doom, so I think I’ll pick Professor Xavier. He seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t mind working with people of vision, and his ability to control people’s minds means we could actually enact real and sudden change without payola or a lot of bullshit concessions.

Summer is almost over with already! What are you looking forward to in August? Look, I’m a simple man with simple pleasures. I just want to see a bald British man named Jason spin kicking a giant, prehistoric shark in the teeth. Fortunately, August brings with it The Meg, which may do just that.

Nathaniel Muir – Movies Section Editor 

Current favorite comic series: Unnatural is great. Cute, sexy, and funny, Mirka Andolfo’s book also serves as a warning to what can happen. The art is beautiful and the characters are engaging. It’s hard to find a mix of a fun story with a serious message, but Unnatural does it.

Current favorite TV series: I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I am really enjoying Sharp Objects on HBO. The limited series gets compared a lot to last year’s Big Little Lies, but aside from the director there is little in common. Big Little Lies dealt with uncomfortable topics in a setting you wish you could live. Sharp Objects is grittier and filled with an atmosphere of unease in a place you hope doesn’t actually exist. Plus, there is great acting and an interesting mystery.

Current gaming addiction: Shadow of War recently went on sale on the PlayStation Store so I picked it up. I am just using it as a time waster more than anything, but it sure is fun.

Last good movie you saw:  I was just talking with a friend the other day about how 2018 has had some pretty good movies. Even the ones the aren’t great are enjoyable. Just last weekend I saw American Animals which is a unique documentary-movie hybrid. I also saw Ant Man and the Wasp which was a fun change of pace.

Coolest recent purchase:  When I went to visit my sister in Columbus, Ohio, she took me to a cool place called The Book Loft. A bibliophile’s dream, it was one of my favorite places we visited. I got myself an awesome Lord of the Flies t-shirt when I was there.

What is a song that you can’t get out of your head at the moment?  I have been listening to Blur a lot lately and I love ‘To the End‘. It’s a beautiful song and has different versions that are equally wonderful to listen to.

SDCC has come and gone. After all of the announcements, what are you looking forward to? When I collected comics way back when, my collection was very X-centric. The reveal that Uncanny X-Men is returning was great to hear. The lead up sounds equally awesome and I am cautiously excited to see Chris Claremont back in the fold. This is the most excited I have been about the mutant titles in years.

Politics are all anybody can think about these days. If you ran for President, what comic book character would you choose to be your VP and why? If you want to succeed in politics you need to know how to play that game and manipulate people. And of course you can’t get caught. Roy from The Fix knows exactly what kind of people go the furthest in the world and is not afraid to try new and different illegal things to get there. Add in that he is willing to take risks, isn’t very bright, and is easy to boss around and you got yourself a fine VP.

Summer is almost over with already! What are you looking forward to in August? The actual All In card — the self-funded wrestling show being put on by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks — is on September 1st, but the convention is a four day indie wrestling fan’s Woodstock. On August 31st, I am going to go to a Wrestling Observer panel, meet Cody and Marty Scurll, and am hoping to see Rey Mysterio. But the highlights for me will be attending a War Games retrospective, a photo op with Tully Blanchard and JJ Dillon with the NWA Tag Belts, and I am doing an Eat and Greet with Tully and JJ. It’s a dream come true for a JCP wrestling fan.


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