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First look: Blizzard’s new Nendoroid Soldier: 76 collectible

I’ve got this collectible in my sights.

The Overwatch Twitter account has announced that Soldier: 76 has become the ninth hero to join the Nendoroid collectible series.

Nendoroid Soldier: 76 is available for pre-order now for $49.99 and is set to ship by the end of Q2 2019. Orders are limited to ten per customer and the collectible isn’t eligible for special offers or promotions. You can put your pre-order in at the Blizzard Gear store.

This figure is fully articulated to allow for a multitude of action poses and 76’s signature mask can be removed to allow fans to enjoy his renowned scowl. Included is an interchangeable visor which allows for the display of Tactical Visor, Soldier: 76’s ultimate ability.

It simply wouldn’t be Soldier: 76 if he didn’t have his trusty pulse rifle. The rifle includes a weapon flash attachment that mirrors the weapon’s powerful blue and white bullets in their moment of fire. Helix rockets are a separate part entirely, with a special stand that allows them to be displayed anywhere.

“Get over here and heal up!” Whether you’re healing Soldier or his allies, the Biotic Field can be placed anywhere, just like in game. The beam is translucent and the emitter does not require a stand to be displayed.

If you enjoy this collectible, be sure to check out the other eight heroes that make up Blizzard’s Nendoroid figure collection.


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