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Matt Hardy fuels WWE retirement rumors with cryptic tweets

“To the #WOKEN Warriors…thank you.”

Matt Hardy may have recently lost the Raw Tag Team Championships alongside Bray Wyatt against the B-Team, but as part of the Hardy Boyz, he’s considered one of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time. But is that time coming to an end?

Over the past couple of months, Matt has been tweeted pictures from various points in his career, from his backyard wrestling days with Jeff in OMEGA all the way through to today, leading some to speculate his career is coming to a close.

Adding fuel to the fire of retirement rumors came another tweet today, where Matt thanked the fans who have stayed with him from the beginning:

Of course, this may not necessarily mean anything, as Matt Hardy is known to enjoy messing with fans’ expectations on the internet, but it is curious.

Hardy followed up this cryptic thank you tweet with another nostalgic one, this time a gif of his time in the Brood:

Hopefully this isn’t the end for the Woken Warrior, but if it is, he’s had a hell of a run.

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