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Evangeline Lilly ‘cornered’ into doing partially nude scenes on ‘Lost’

Marvel star was left “mortified and trembling.”

In Ant-Man and The Wasp, Evangeline Lilly plays Hope Van Dyne, a strong superheroine. Lilly is in many scene stealing moments and though she works very well with Ant-Man, it is clear that she would fare just as well without him.

Lily has history of playing strong roles, as she also starred in Lost as Kate Austen. The character was lauded for her confidence. Kate killed her abusive stepfather, was originally written to be the leader of the stranded group and was even on a list of television’s most empowering women.

On a recent episode of The Lost Boys podcast, Lilly detailed some terrible experiences while on Lost. Most dramatically, the Canadian native spoke of an experience in which she felt “cornered” into doing a partially nude scene in season 3. Lilly went on to say she was “crying her eyes out.” A similar incident happened the next season after which Lilly stated she would never take her clothes off for the show again. (She did not.)

Along with those two incidents, Lily was unhappy about Kate’s character arc. The character went from being “autonomous” to being involved in a love triangle that reduced the character to “chasing men around the island.”

Lilly did not just bash Lost and spoke highly of experiences she had working with others. She also took a valuable lesson away stating she is “better equipped” and does not allow “uncomfortable” situations to come up.


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