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Overwatch announces Tespa Arcade: Summer Lúcioball Tournament

Lúcio comin’ at you! Register NOW.

Yesterday Blizzard announced the return of the extremely popular Overwatch Summer Games and with it the return of the fan-favorite game mode, Lúcioball. It was confirmed that once again, a competitive mode would be available for Lúcioball. But today Blizzard took it a step further, by announcing the first ever Tespa Arcade: Summer Lúcioball tournament.

The announcement came via Overwatch’s official Twitter account.

You’ll notice the announcement says “recruit your classmates” well that’s because this tournament is exclusively for students, college students in North America to be specific. College students in the United States and Canada are eligible to compete  in this 3v3 Copa Lúcioball tournament.

Sorry console players, this tournament is for PC players only.

The winners of the tournament will come away with over $900 in Blizzard balance prizing. Participations will play in five rounds of swiss matches, while teams with a record of 3-2 or higher will continue on to a double elimination bracket until a winner is determined.

You can take a look at rules and regulations here. Registration is open August 3-10 and must be completed online. The games begin Aug 11-12.


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