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World of Warcraft: Overlord Saurfang reflects on the horrors of war in new cinematic, “Old Soldier”

“There will be no glory today…only pain.”

The hype train toward Battle For Azeroth‘s release keeps on rolling. Last week, a new Warbringers video was released, revealing it was in fact Sylvanas who burned down Teldrassil, as many speculated. This week, Blizzard has released a new video, in the style of an cinematic rather than the highly stylized Warbringers series, depicting High Overlord Saurfang reflecting on what just happened in Teldrassil. A young troll shaman asks Saurfang for advice on his first battle, which causes Saurfang to remember the death of his son, Dranosh, all the way back in Icecrown during the events of Wrath of the Lich King.

While the Horde has committed some truly heinous acts as of late, at least one of their high ranking officers disagree with Sylvanas’s decisions. Will he lead the charge to put a stop to it? We’ll find out in Battle For Azeroth.


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