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Blizzard has ‘multiple’ Diablo projects in the works

Stay awhile, and listen to this exciting news.

Ahh, Diablo. My personal first experience with Blizzard games all the way back in 1997, the series that essentially created the action RPG is now often seen as Blizzard’s forgotten child. Overwatch and Hearthstone garner far more attention these days, and the monolith money printing machine that is World of Warcraft keeps on rolling. As a Diablo fan it’s easy to feel downtrodden, as Diablo III‘s current iteration hasn’t changed in years.

Surprisingly, Blizzard sent out a tweet today assuring fans the franchise is far from dead. In fact, Blizzard claims to have “multiple Diablo projects in the works,” and says that they’ll have more to show later this year. Just in time for…oh, say, Blizzcon?

Eagle-eyed redditor Kubiubo found a Diablo II: Lords of Destruction PTR similar to the one found before Warcraft III‘s revival was announced, so that may be one of them.

Diablo II (Remaster?) Public Test is Active from r/Diablo

As for the rest? I sincerely hope Diablo IV is in the works, but I certainly wouldn’t complain about a Diablo II HD remaster…


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