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Hawkman #3 Review: Dino-soaring above the rest

This book is truly the best that Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch have ever done.

Jeff Lemire, Robert Venditti
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So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

While searching for the next puzzle piece in his mission to save the universe, Hawkman takes flight and winds up fighting rampaging thunder lizards on Dinosaur Island–you know, as one does. Recovering from the battle, Hawkman discovers a race of bird people, who force him to fight to prove he’s the one, true Hawkman. That all leads to the next location on his mission, and he’s transported across the galaxy to the last place–and person–he expected to find. Where is he, and who’s he facing? That would be a spoiler alert!

Tell me about it!

Hawkman is such a redemption title for two creators who haven’t had the best DC work in the past six years. Hawkman is also a fantastic book that is steeped in continuity while also being accessible to any reader,  new or old. Venditti is weaving a story that fixes the biggest problem of Hawkman: is he Katar Hol or is he Carter Hall?

However, it’s likely you already know this and want to hear about this issue. What can I dislike about this book considering the second page is Hawkman beating a Tyrannosaurus using his mace, drawn in fantastic detail and beautifully by Bryan Hitch? This is a creative team that I never thought I would say is in my top few creative teams in comics but they have easily become that over the course of three issues. Hawkman is just a super fun romp through the DC Universe as Carter unravels the mystery behind his resurrections and how far they really go. This book is an absolute must pull if you like adventure stories, big fun fight scenes and mysteries across space and time itself. Hawkman fighting a long and grueling air battle to reach his next location was a great chance for Hitch to truly show his talents. This book is truly the best that Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch have ever done.

Hawkman #3
Is it good?
This book is truly the best that Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch have ever done and this issue is no exception.
Bryan Hitch's pencils are better than ever before and it truly shows in this issue.
Venditti's storytelling is fantastic.
The colors really fit the issue incredibly well.

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