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‘Deadpool 2’ deleted scene surfaces putting Hitler in the crosshairs

A new deleted scene has Deadpool do what many have hoped to save the future.

The ending to Deadpool 2 was fun and hilarious (and in-canon, according to the screenwriters), throwing the whole time travel element into freefall; as Deadpool traversed time he did things you couldn’t imagine, breaking the fourth wall and also playing around with continuity. It appears he went a step further in a newly leaked deleted scene — a step that could possibly make Deadpool the greatest hero of all time?

Deadpool was this close to finally doing what people have been talking about for 70 years! Poor baby Hitler. Do you think Cable really is capable of doing it?

You can watch Deadpool 2 now on demand or preorder it on Blu-ray today.

Look for the Blu-ray to show up in stores around August 20th. It comes with 15 extra minutes of footage (like Deadpool’s extended stay in the X-Mansion) put back into the film (which means this deleted scene doesn’t count).


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