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FAN EXPO Boston 2018: Greg Capullo lets slip his and Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing is officially happening

DC’s creative dynamic duo is bringing back the big green monster.

Comic artist Greg Capullo isn’t a man you’d describe as indirect. When he has an opinion about something, he lets you know about it. Whether it’s lifting weights or barking at dogs in hotels, he puts it out there for his community to see.

One thing that’s been clear for a while now is that Mr. Capullo wants to draw Swamp Thing. Fans have been speculating for some time that his next project after Batman would be bringing Alec Holland and the parliament of trees back, and it all started with a tweet Capullo sent out in July of last year.

Capullo tweeted out a number of simply incredible Swamp Thing illustrations during the month of March which only furthered fan speculation on where he would end up after his last run on Batman.

Which brings us to today at Fan Expo Boston, where I was in attendance for the DC Nation panel with Greg Capullo, Tom King, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Dan DiDio in the role of moderator. The panel featured a number of hilarious stories, Tom King asking which fans fight crime at night, Amanda Conner excitedly talking about her upcoming Gossamer story and a number great questions from the fans.

Left to right: Dan DiDio, Greg Capullo, Tom King, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

“Yeah! I’m drawing Swamp Thing and Scott Snyder’s writing it.”

One fan in particular, one unnamed comic reading hero, asked the panel if there are any plans for the other elemental avatars that were created during Scott Snyder’s Swamp Thing run. Dan DiDio fielded the question: “Horror comics are missing from our line up and have been for some time, but they’ll be coming back.” To which Greg Capullo immediately fired out, “Yeah! I’m drawing Swamp Thing and Scott Snyder’s writing it.”

We haven’t seen a Swamp Thing comic since a six issue mini-series ran in 2016. Prior to that the last major run the character had was with Scott Snyder, which was followed up by a short run with Charles Soule. Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing was absolutely incredible and is one of my favorite collections I own.

A number of things happened after this and man I wish my phone had been recording. The crowd erupted in cheers, DiDio immediately threw his hands up and gave Capullo a really good “What the hell man?!” look and Capullo just started laughing and uttered, “whoops I guess I’m wearing my Snyder shoes tonight”

Once things settled down, Capullo explained how he got his long awaited wish fulfilled of being able to draw Swamp Thing.

“When I did Metal I got to draw a little bit of Swamp Thing. It was fun. I love drawing monsters. I had so much fun, that I said to Dan, I’d really like to draw a Swamp Thing book. He said to me, that’s great, we’ll go out to dinner and talk about it.” At this point in the story Capullo started doing a DiDio imitation, which was followed by a really good imitation by Palmiotti (again, I wish I had been recording. I never learn). Both were hysterical.

Capullo continued, “So he sits me down and goes, you know Greg, I’ll give you anything you want, but I see you drawing a Wonder Woman book. I said to him, at least let me do a cover or pin up of Swamp Thing. Once I gave Dan the first cover, he said, I need you to do a Swamp Thing book.”

After the panel I asked Capullo if he could tell me any  more about the project and when we could expect it. He looked at DiDio, laughed and said “Yeah no”.


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