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Best of Fan Expo Boston Cosplay [Part One]

The cosplayers were out in force this weekend at FAN EXPO Boston.

AiPT! attended FAN EXPO Boston over the weekend and one of our biggest takeaways was the incredible amount of talented cosplayers in attendance. We took tons of pictures and met so many friendly cosplayers that were nice enough to let us feature their hard work. We’ve had to create two separate posts to ensure we could feature all the pictures we took. Part one starts here, enjoy!

Just sign on the dotted line and you’ll never see your kids again! There was a lot of parents lining up. @jaynroses

Incredible valor! Respectable muscles! I declined his invitation to remove my shirt and flex.

Tell you the source of my powers? Like hell!

She successfully put me under her spell. ENOYREVE TEG YAWA MORF EHT XOB! @kaleidoscopekelso

Thanos isn’t even tough!

Look I think the Avatar will be reborn somewhere around here too, but I haven’t seen him. @nightshycosplay @xgambit139

Double trouble puddin’ @allyoopspinup

Now I see why Prince Eric made such a fuss.@chelsey_gentry

I’m stronger that suited up Samus from Super Smash Brothers.@melodiisms

F*ck Batman!

A very cute patriotic young lady and a refined gentleman to escort her.

Sorry Bell, Beast is over it. Merida holds his heart now. @underthecapespodcast

Sniping low health heroes from across the map since 2009.

I was encased in webs shortly after telling Silk I had a crush on her. There’s always next year! @lx_loke_xl

I know just how he feels. My packrat nature constantly screws me up in every Fallout game I play. @zimmermanjoe21 @royaljolene

Would the apocalypse be so bad if all vault dwellers were this pretty? @danielledenicola


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