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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

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Marvel’s Next Big Thing: New story details emerge at Fan Expo Boston concerning Venom, Spider-Man, and more

Upcoming story details emerge from Donny Cates, Jim Zub, and Nick Spencer.

The Marvel “Next Big Thing” panel kicked off with introductions and details about each of the premiere writers’ process today at Fan Expo Boston 2018. It was a casual panel but eventually got into details about the stories the writers are working on and where these stories go from here.

Marvel Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski asked the writers to discuss their “next big thing” to get the audience excited to read their books. Zub pitched the audience on Champions with a tour in Weird World that will “knock you out.” Rosenberg discussed his plethora of books, starting with New Mutants, joke-threatening he’ll kill all the characters if nobody buys it. He discussed Punisher, his Multiple Man miniseries, Astonishing X-Men, finally Uncanny X-Men which, “I can’t talk anything about that.”

Spencer was next up and said it doesn’t matter what he says about Amazing Spider-Man because “You’re going to read it no matter what.” After the audience groaned he talked about Boomerang’s role in the series and revealed the next arc on the series is all about Black Cat.

Are the Fantastic Four showing up in Venom soon? Credit: Marvel Comics

Cates teased Spencer, saying he should be better to his fans before diving into Venom. Cates said guest characters will be showing up that are “Fantastic!” Hint, hint. Ve’Nam is also on the way. Carnage is going to be a player in an upcoming story, too, “and we’ll see what he has to say about Null.” The Carnage single issue is going to announce something big in the Venomverse, Cates said. Thanos Legacy is coming out this September which will delve into what happened to Thanos when he disappeared when he was a kid. “This will also reveal my next big thing at Marvel,” Cates said.

In regards to the Inhumans, Cates said, “Everything is going to be bad forever,” which made the audience laugh since he’s killing off a lot of characters already, including fan favorite Lockjaw. He went on to say he pitched Death of the Inhumans as John Wick in space, which he said writer Dan Slott hated. He suggested that made him want to write the story even more. Next up was Cosmic Ghost Rider, which Cates described as the craziest comic at Marvel Comics right now. His explanation detailed the story so far which was fast and very long which got the crowd quite excited indeed.


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