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Best of Fan Expo Boston Cosplay [Part Two]

The stunning conclusion to our cosplay gallery experience at Boston FAN EXPO!

AiPT! attended FAN EXPO Boston over the weekend and one of our biggest takeaways was the incredible amount of talented cosplayers in attendance. We took tons of pictures and met so many friendly cosplayers that were nice enough to let us feature their hard work. We’ve had to create two separate posts to ensure we could feature all the pictures we took. You can view the first gallery here, while part two starts right now. Enjoy!

Why’d you have to go and fall in love with an 11 year old?

Sweep the leg.

The world’s going to start over, and we’re going to be on top! @boston_badside

Not so tough without your hammer are ya?! (he still is) @christian_mercymaster

I love the smell of charcoal in the morning.

Find her on the Arrowverse as the cutest red, white and blue hero in all the land.

Wanted. Extremely dangerous and possibly hiding out in Junkertown. @andywarpop @macklecosplays

RIP. We miss you buddy. Even if you were always trying to kill your brother. @chameleonphoenix

This guy made this cosplay for the book he wrote. Talk about dedication!

Legends of the Hidden Temple, Blue Barracuda Temple Guard! @savage83

Lots of prime bounties to be found at Comic Cons.

Snake! SNAAAAAAAAKE! @aceofsnakes

The headdress alone must have taken hours. Incredible fantasy themed cosplay @ladyscarlettrose

If you weren’t pried from your parents arms as a small child and psychologically damaged, then you can’t join our gang! @disneyprincesscosplay @bostonbeecosplay


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