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Unboxing the Marvel Legends Spider-Ham (Monster Venom BAF) Spider-Man Hasbro Toy

The Spider-Verse gets a little more crowded in our toy sections with a newly released Spider-Ham action figure.

One of the most coveted Spider-Man action figures to ever be released is finally here in the shape and name of Spider-Ham. Yes, this silly yet iconic version of Spider-Man is finally a toy thanks to Hasbro and their Marvel Legends line. The now shipping Venom wave is hitting stores and we got one. Check out the full unboxing below to see it in action:

This is a cool figure that I honestly never thought they’d make. It’s certainly more of a collectible than an action figure since its points of articulation are so low, but dammit it’s a nice figure to say the least. It also comes with an alternate Symbiote head and a big chunk of the Monster Venom BAF. I can’t imagine non-collectors loving this addition since it’s such an obscure character and not very posable, but it’s a neat addition to the line.

This figure can be found in toy stores now or you can pick it up from vendors on Amazon today.

Marvel Legends Spider-Ham
Is it good?
An awesome figure any Spider-Man collector will need. More casual fans may not see a reason to buy this beyond the BAF, though.
One of the coolest and weirdest Marvel Legends toys to date
Comes with an extra head and a huge chunk of the Monster Venom
The knees don't bend so the posing is going to be limited
An obscure character many toy fans won't necessarily know
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