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Proxima Centauri #3 Review

This issue pushes the envelope even further both in visual aesthetic as well as story and abstract narrative.

Farel Dalrymple and Farel Dalrymple
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Proxima Centauri #3 from Image Comics is out today and it digs even deeper into the mind and emotions of young Sherwood.

Farel Dalrymple has done it yet again with this issue. The artwork and images are evolving with more complexity in tandem with Sherwood’s dense emotional narrative.

Dalrymple uses a bit more dialogue to push the story forward this time around but still fills this amazingly fantastical world around Sherwood with even more creatures and images that take the story to even deeper levels visually. This time around Sherwood shows remorse and guilt for the way that he treats others around him. He realizes with the help of Scientist that his frustrations and anger are a result of fear and insecurity.

Although there are other characters and creatures that affect and attack Sherwood from the outside, it is these volatile emotions of his that are the true antagonist of the story and they consume Sherwood from the inside out. Dalrymple has his finger on the button of adolescent emotion and has created the character this character that is not only relatable but learns and evolves through these emotions right in front of the reader’s eyes.

Credit: Image Comics

Another amazing aspect of this title that sets it apart from anything else that has come before it is the amazingly abstract and beautiful artwork. With each and every page Farel Dalrymple creates this unique world that is visually stunning, emotionally charged, and changes as characters grow and adapt themselves to life on Proxima Centauri. This is done in a way that only the singular vision of one creative mind could do. It continues to be groundbreaking, refreshing, and compelling in the most beautiful yet bizarre ways. There are deeper metaphors and meanings to every image and situation presented to the reader, but in a way that allows the reader to interpret them in their own way based on their own emotions and experiences. It is that quality alone that makes this title so wonderful and pushes the envelope not only in story and artwork but in the way it affects the reader. This issue takes that spirit and idea and amps it up even more so this time around. The result is nothing less than brilliant.

Proxima Centauri #3
Is it good?
For me this issue is flawless. It takes the story and the reader to new levels both visual and emotionally and shows a different side of Sherwood that we have not seen yet.
Deeper emotional growth Within the main character Sherwood.
Unique, abstract, bizarre artwork that inspires the imagination.
A rich emotional story that allows the reader to interpret based off their own experiences.
The introduction of a new threat to sharewood in the inhabitants of Proxima Centauri.
The only negative I can come up with would be that this title may not be for everyone based on its use of abstract and metaphors, however that is what makes it such an instant masterpiece.

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