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[EXCLUSIVE] AHOY Comics solicitations: High Heaven #3 and Captain Ginger #2

Advance solicitations for two upcoming AHOY Comics series.

A new publisher is entering the scene this fall and you better prick up your ears. It’s a publisher with the tagline, “Expect More” emblazoned on their site and upcoming comics, which is bold but also appreciated. We’ve got our hands on two exclusive solicitations for books coming soon from the line written and drawn by creators you may be familiar with. Let us know what you think in the comments

High Heaven #3 of 5

Written by: Tom Peyer
Art by: Greg Scott/Chris Giarrusso
Cover Art by: Richard Williams
Release Date: November 21 2018

As David suffers in Heaven and Heather struggles on Earth, their separate troubles lead to one life-and-death question: “What is L-Meat?” PLUS! A member of HASHTAG: DANGER lies dead! Aren’t you shocked? Plus bonus AHOY illustrated text stories! Painted cover by Richard Williams (MAD MAGAZINE).

Captain Ginger #2 of 4

Written by: Stuart Moore/Tom Peyer
Art by: June Brigman/Roy Richardson/Randy Elliott
Cover Artist(s): June Brigman/Roy Richardson
Release Date: November 21 2018

How many cats is too many? Captain Ginger has his hands full — literally — when his starship undergoes a rapid population explosion. Meanwhile, Sergeant Mittens learns the horrors of Litterbox Duty! Extra story: The heroes of HASHTAG: DANGER learn that being super-evolved doesn’t make you smart.

Plus more AHOY illustrated-story extras!


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