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Unboxing: Marvel Legends Carnage (Monster Venom BAF)

The brand new Venom wave is hitting stores now.

The Marvel Legends 2018 Venom wave is already hitting stores and shipping from preorders and we got our hands on the whole set. First up was Spider-Ham which is quite a cool figure even if it’s a niche character. Next up is Carnage, which is an impressive new figure from Hasbro due to the detailed tendrils on its back, arms, and legs. Check out the full unboxing below:

This is quite a cool figure updating the toy for the latest line with some impressive details. The blade hand is very cool with detailed tendrils curving around it. This thing looks liquid in a lot of ways which captures the Symbiote very well. The alternate head is quite creepy too. This might be the crown jewel of the entire wave.

Like what you see? You can purchase it right now on Amazon.

Marvel Legends Carnage
Is it good?
This is one of the coolest Carnage figures ever made. Great detailed tendrils and an alternate head make this a must buy for Marvel Legends fans.
Very cool tendrils add to the standard mold
Back tendrils add more of a 3D feel to the toy
I noticed the head mold is nearly identical to the Superior Spider-Man alternate head
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