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Blizzard announces new statue for Overwatch’s Doomfist

You can pre-order this slick statue today.

One punch is all I need.

Today Blizzard has announced a new Doomfist statue, and it’s available for pre-order right now from the Blizzard Gear store. The announcement comes to us via the official Overwatch Twitter account.

The statue has been designed and sculpted by Blizzard, hand painted and measures in at 14.25″/36 cm height, with a base of 15″/38 cm in diameter.

Blizzard’s newest Doomfist collectible statue comes in at a cost of $300.00 and you can pre-order it today from the Blizzard Gear store.

As you can see from the video Blizzard released along with the announcement, the statue is absolutely gorgeous and well worth the $300.00 cost.

The statue is not eligible for promotions, free shipping or special offers. Limit 10 statues per customer.

Statues are expected to deliver before end of Q4 2018.


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