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New control map coming to Overwatch, set in Busan, South Korea

Available now on the PTR.

Today at an Overwatch fan festival in South Korea, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan introduced a new control map set in Busan, South Korea. You can see the new map along with a preview video via the official Overwatch Twitter account, featured below.

The map is broken up into three different sections-D.Va’s MEKA mobile exo-force base, a bustling Downtown area, and a sanctuary set in a traditional Korean temple.

D.Va’s MEKA base appears to hold the mechs of the four other members of her squad seen in the animated short “Shooting Star” which debuted this morning. But my favorite part has to be the shelf holding D.Va’s many esport trophies.

Downtown is loaded with everything a bustling metropolis needs: karaoke bar,  light rail station, restaurants and PC cafe. The sanctuary sports a huge garden, meditation rooms and statues.

Perhaps most impressive about the new map is the work Blizzard put into making the sounds authentic. Kaplan shared that his team spent hours recording the various sounds of the city and found musicians who could play traditional Korean instruments.

You can try out the new control map on the Overwatch PTR today. Limited to PC players only.


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