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Old Man Logan #46 Review

Is this story worthy of being one of Logan’s last?

Ed Brisson and Damian Couceiro
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As if the aging Canucklehead hasn’t dealt with enough during his long life, in Old Man Logan #46, he’s up against a famous UFO crash! It’s enough to make you want to end it all. Is it good?

The Skinny

Yes, welcome to beautiful Nova Scotia! Shag Harbor, to be exact, where a mysterious SOMETHING has plunged into the water and brought spiny, tendriled life with it. That’ll teach you to let your dog off the leash!

Go ahead and take your time fixing up that bike, because OML is taking a ride on a different spaceship. The return of Alpha Flight! More importantly, Wolverine and Puck interactions!  Oh, and maybe Shaman can help fix his adamantium poisoning, or something.

The Regenix certainly isn’t helping. But a guy with some weed-killer will! Probably still not enough to take out the giant, spiky vine ball. Poor doggy.

The Lowdown

Old Man Logan #46 is ostensibly about the elder Wolverine finally kicking off, but with friendly reunions and alien shrubbery along the way. Ed Brisson writes some decent jokes (which are really the saving grace of the whole thing), but for those who read Paul Cornell’s Wolverine in the lead-up to his death, this will feel like treading old ground. It was only four years ago!

Credit: Marvel Comics

The plot that (literally) unfolds while Logan makes his peace with Puck is rather thin. It’s hard to characterize an evil space weed, and the interactions with the rest of Alpha Flight don’t feel like the reunion they should. Shaman’s admonitions on the origin of Logan’s adamantium poisoning are especially strange, and take up a lot of space.

Artist Damian Couceiro breaks things up nicely with some spreading vines in the gutters, but creative panel layouts aren’t all that unusual anymore. The real strength is in the inks, which help elicit the horror vibe from the shocked facial expressions. The colors of Carlos Lopez successfully make the mood more eerie, but the final page “reveal” still falls flat.

Credit: Marvel Comics

The Upshot

Old Man Logan #46 has a couple artistic flourishes, but is decidedly average otherwise. Not everything needs to be revolutionary or groundbreaking, but there probably should be a better hook when leading up to a major event like the loss of this character. The fact that this event is just a recapitulation of something so recent it hasn’t yet had the chance to fade from memory makes it feel all the more skippable.

Old Man Logan #46
Is it good?
Beyond some nice framing and a couple decent jokes, it's average. Is average good enough for Old Man Logan's final stories?
Some decent humor
Ink and colors accentuate the horror vibe
The threat doesn't feel threatening
At the end of Logan's life, this is more whimper than bang

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