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Reinhardt’s ultimate ability Earthshatter given complete overhaul on Overwatch PTR

The overhaul we’ve all been waiting for and more.

A lot of changes have come to the world of Overwatch today. This morning at a fan event in South Korea Game Director Jeff Kaplan revealed a new animated short “Shooting Star” and a new control map located in Busan, South Korea, which is now live on the PTR.

The new control map isn’t the only change that comes to the PTR today. Several heroes have received tweaks, most notable of the bunch being Reinhardt. The popular tank’s ultimate ability Earthshatter, has been a top complaint among players for quite some time now. Blizzard believes they’ve finally fixed it.

These are the latest changes direct from the patch notes:

  • Earthshatter
    • Now will consistently hit enemies near walls
    • No longer will hit enemies that enter the damage cone after the “wave” has passed that area
    • No longer will damage enemies behind barriers blocking it, even if the barrier is later dropped or destroyed
    • Will always travel up inclines and around the payload

“We’ve given Earthshatter a complete overhaul to combat inconsistencies with its performance. These changes will make Earthshatter’s behavior more predictable and effective.” said an unnamed Overwatch developer in the patch notes.

Besides the changes to Reinhardt’s ultimate, Brigitte’s shield bash has changed so it will now knock down and get knocked down by other charging targets (Reinhardt and Doomfist). Lastly both Ana and Widow received increased precision relative to the aim sensitivity while zoomed slider, an option you can find under hero controls.

For a look at the long list of minor bug fixes and other patch notes you can head over here.



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