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Watch today’s live World of Warcraft developer Q&A here

The first developer Q&A since the release of Battle For Azeroth happens today, August 23, at 2pm ET.

Warcraft hysteria is back thanks to Battle For Azeroth‘s release, giving millions of players (3.4 million in one day, to be exact) something to look forward to after the long post-expansion lull. While the game has generally been well received by early adopters, there are plenty of concerns and questions about the future of the expansion.

Thankfully, Ion Hazzikostas will be on hand today on Twitch answering those questions. Join him today at 2pm ET to join along. Hopefully we’ll learn more about the upcoming Warfronts, the Uldir raid, and get some clarity around the direction some of the specs are going.

Watch below:

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