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Unboxing: Marvel Legends Monster Venom BAF

We review the Monster Venom build a figure and the entire Venom set too.

I’ve unboxed and reviewed every figure from the latest Marvel Legends Venom wave so it’s time to review the whole line and BAF figure. Click any of the links below to read and watch the unboxings for the previous characters.

Typhoid Mary

One of the coolest things about build-a-figure action figures is how large they can be. The conventional Marvel Legends packaging simply wouldn’t allow a figure as big as Monster Venom. It’s a hulk of a figure.

Check out the unboxing below to see for yourself:

This is a very nice addition to any Symbiote or Venom collection. The tendril details are nice and the figure’s paint job is excellent. I’m a sucker for purple Venom figures and this one doesn’t disappoint there. The veiny arms and legs are also quite cool and his posture is actually quite like the recent screenshot from the new Venom film.

In regards to this wave I wasn’t completely blown away. Many of these figures lack accessories and many parts are being reused. The Carnage head, for instance, has already been used as well as his hands. The Venom figure is practically an entire rerelease. It’s a decent wave though if you’re seeking more Symbiotes or characters like Poison who are within the realm of Venom’s world.

If you want the Monster Venom figure you’re going to have to buy the entire set. You can get the whole thing right now on Amazon.

Monster Venom BAF
Is it good?
A huge hulking figure that will fit right in with a Symbiote collection.
Impressive paint job and detail
A very large figure indeed. It'll impose its will on the regular sized figures (especially the tiny Spider-Ham)
I'm not sure this character even exists in the comics...does it?
To get it you'll have to shell out $120 (or more)
Buy Now

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