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World of Warcraft: Jaina Proudmoore from ‘Battle for Azeroth’ by Narga

“We cannot let the world fall to darkness.”

“What would you ask of the Daughter of the Sea?”

You’ve seen Horde Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner geared up for battle in the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth; now thanks to cosplayer extraordinaire Narga-Lifestream (who we’ve already seen bring the character to life on several occasions) — Alliance mainstay mage Jaina Proudmoore, Daughter of the Sea and new Lord Admiral of Kul’Tiras:

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When girls are already tired of war and they wanna back home.😂 Me as Jaina @e_himera_cosplay as Sylvanas. More fun backstage pics are on or follow the linktree in bio.😎 You may also find there my patterns for BfA Jaina armor in my store (link in my bio as well) Девчонки устали от войны и хотят домой. 😂 Традиционно напоминаю про бекстейджи на Патреоне, а так же про то, что выкройки на доспехи Джайны (и не только) можно приобрести в моем онлайн-магазине (в профиле ссылка на вышеуказанные ресурсы). #battleforazeroth #warcraft #worldofwarcraft #jainaproudmoore #Jaina #sylvanas #sylvanaswindrunner #warcraftcosplay #blizzardcosplay #blizzard #heroesofthestorm #hearthstone #nargaandaokicosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplay #sylvanaswindrunner #sylvanas #forthealliance #forthehorde #sylvanascosplay

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Видео с моим косплеем опубликовано официальном канале World of Warcraft RU. Я очень благодарна за возможность поучаствовать в подобном проекте 🤩 Было очень здорово! Надеюсь, будет больше видео с косплеерами в будущем, ведь у нас очень много крутых и талантливых ребят💪 Video with my Jaina cosplay is released on the offical World of Warcraft RU channel. I'm very thankful for an opportunity to take part in this project, it means a world for me 💙 I hope to see more featured cosplayers in such projects in the future. UPD: English translation of both interviews here on the WoWhead #forthealliance #worldofwarcraft #warcraft #wow #blizzard #blizzardcosplay #jainaproudmoore #jaina #fantasycosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #nargaandaokicosplay #battleforazeroth #alliance #kultiras

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Jaina's portrait. The one thing I DO NOT LIKE in a new Jaina's design are WHITE eyebrows. They sucks! They looks unnatural and awful on a real person – on me, at least – and they makes my face inexpressive. They even almost not visible, so I just ignored them and did a makeup what I like more. Light evebrows but darker than my skin and than my wig color. Photo taken at EpicCon by @kmitenkova ❤ Full costume made by me. Staff made by my husband @aoki_lifestream and painted by me. #battleforazeroth #worldofwarcraft #wow #warcraft #alliance #jainaproudmoore #Jaina #jainacosplay #alliance #forthealliance #blizzardcosplay #blizzard #heroesofthestorm #hearthstone #gamecosplay #nargaandaokicosplay #cosplay #epiccon2018

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Twitter: NargaLifestream

More: Check out Narga’s amazing Tyrande Whisperwind cosplay.

Or check her out as Jaina reimagined as a Death Knight: Frost Lich Jaina.


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