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Monthly POP: Panels of Purpose – August 2018

The latest and greatest comic book panels from August 2018.

The summer season is almost over so why not celebrate the biggest and most impactful comics from the month of August. This is where we select our favorite panels from the best books that came out in the last month and deliver our instrospective, comedic, and otherwise roundy commentary. Enjoy!

West Coast Avengers #1

Writer: Kelly Thompson | Artist: Stefano Caselli
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: I get the legs, but how do they breathe! Those poor sharks.

Lisa: This is what happens when you ignore the “drains to the water” signs.

JJ: Didn’t even bother reading the dialogue. I’m eight again and Street Sharks has returned to me.

Dog: I see no tornadoes to go with these sharks. Kate should have her hipster card revoked.

Amazing Spider-Man #4

Writer: Nick Spencer | Artist: Ryan Ottley
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Let’s be honest, that’s a really good paint job considering.

JJ: There’s a super mega sentinel zord and s--t is blowing up. Better stop and take the time to paint my face on its face. This is why Spider-Man is the best.

Dog: I’m not the biggest Ottley fan, but this is incredibly dynamic. The different positioning of the arms really makes it feel like the thing is coming right at you, and the colors add great layering.

David H: I’m just happy Nick Spencer continues to write kick-ass books!

Batman: Kings of Fear #1

Writer: Scott Peterson | Artist: Kelley Jones
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: It’s like a puzzle in how Joker loves to watch Batman do his thing.

Dog: Someone decided to “grim and gritty” the Adam West show. “Keep all the punching, but those goofy onomatopoeias? What is this, supposed to be fun???”

Lisa: Want to get rid of laugh lines, crows feet and grimace lines? You need …

JJ: I’m just waiting for the next panel with Ben Stein talking about how awesome Clear Eyes is.

Justice League Dark #2

Writer: James Tynion IV | Artist: Alvaro Martinez
Publisher: Comics

Dave: Topsy turvy and all around weird. Perfect!

Lisa: You break it. You buy it. Even if it means a soul.

Dog: Who would’ve thought the trenchcoated chimp would have an imperfect understanding of Newton’s Third Law?

Avengers #6

Writer: Jason Aaron | Artist: Ed McGuinness
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Okay, I kinda need a Marvel Legends of this figure now.

JJ: Where was I when Thor and Hulk made out? I would have expected a large group of idiots to be screaming about it on Twitter. Wait am I good or bad at Twitter?

Dog: So Thor and Hulk are that overly affectionate bodybuilding couple at the gym who carry jugs of water with them everywhere? No judgment.

David H: £%*&@ Ghost Driver *mad face* $*+#%~!

Seven to Eternity #10

Writer: Rick Remender | Artist: Olivier Coipel
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: The beauty of having four arms is you can convey being bored and ready for anything at any moment.

Dog: I don’t know how you put a ball and socket joint on ribs, but hey.

JJ: I’m already a Seven to Eternity fan, but man Olivier Coipel is so good that even if I wasn’t, I’d still need to read this book based of this image alone. The dude has got the juice, the stuff, what the French call a certain, I don’t know what?

David H: She’s kinda hot but I wouldn’t want to make her mad

Thor #4

Writer: Jason Aaron | Artist: Michael Del Mundo
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Thor may be the most badass Marvel hero ever.

Lisa: Ooh drippy, neon, lava fire.

JJ: Thor got Hela’s powers? Pardon my french, but this is f-----g awesome.

David H: I am slowly becoming a Thor fan. This is pretty damn cool.

Punisher #1

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg | Artist: Szymon Kudranski
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: Punisher did NOT skip neck day.

JJ: Uzi physics are always changing. Some people can barely fire them with two hands, let alone two at the same time. The kickback on these suckers is supposed to be wild, guess Punisher didn’t skip arm day either. Triceps must be gorgeous.

Dog: It’s all about the tendon strength. Frank goes for high reps on trigger squeezes.

David H: JJ, you don’t question the physical strength of the majestic Frank Castle! How dare you!

Wonder Woman #53

Writer: Steve Orlando | Artist: ACO
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: The panel work by ACO is unparalleled.

Dog: She stole Adam West’s punch effects!

Cosmic Ghost Rider #2

Writer: Donny Cates | Artist: Dylan Burnett
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: It’s always helpful when Galactus shows up to remind us what happened in previous stories.

Dog: I imagine Galactus would be a story-topper. “Dude, that’s nothing. This one time, I ate 12 gas giants in a row, and ….”

David H: At least he isn’t driving a car.

Venom #5

Writer: Donny Cates | Artist: Ryan Stegman
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: If Venom has wings does that make him a bird? Is he in the Vulture class now?

Lisa: Pretty sick.

Dog: I’m horrified and mesmerized all at the same time.

JJ: Best panel in panels of purpose and also my new desktop background.

X-Men Grand Design: Second Genesis #1

Writer and Artist: Ed Piskor
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: If you read carefully this states that the universe was re-created in 7 billion years. Is this canon? If so, wow.

Dog: “Dude, that’s nothing. Did you know I was born in the old universe? This one time, before the Big Bang ….”

Spidey: Schools Out #5

Writer: John Barber | Artist: Todd Nauck
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Dave: You’d think Black Cat’s breasts would be a dead giveaway.

Dog: Panther continuing the Oscar campaigning, I see. Don’t settle for Best Popular Film!

Adventures of the Super Sons #1

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi | Artist: Art Thibert, Carlo Barberi
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: This eclectic bunch needs to work on their supervillain naming.

Lisa: And here I was thinking Kid Deadshot needed to get on a treadmill.

Dog: Or try out some of the meth Stringy Hair Sasquatch is clearly addicted to.

Batman #52

Writer: Tom King | Artist: Lee Weeks (colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser)
Publisher: DC Comics

Dave: The lighting, framing, and color on this full-page spread is absolutely knock-out amazing.

Dog:  Is it weird that I’m squinting and shielding my eyes?

Leviathan #1

Writer: John Layman | Artist / Cover: Nick Pitarra, Michael Garland
Publisher: Image Comics

Dave: Can someone please get Pitarra on the next Where’s Waldo book?

Dog:  Ooooh, why did I eat that SpaghettiOs cannery? 🤮


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