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Pictures from Starrcast Convention leading up to ‘All In’

Pictures from Starrcast!

This Saturday’s All In wrestling show has been the talk of the independent wrestling world for months now. After Cody and The Young Bucks lived up to their guarantee to sell 10,000 tickets, the question became what would the matches be.

As the card came together, it was also announced that All In would not just be another wrestling card. Instead, it would be a weekend long convention for wrestling fans called Starrcast. The names announced were staggering. Of course,  Cody and the Bucks would be there, but there would also be independent stars like Joey Janela, former WWE Superstars such as Danielle Moinet (Summer Rae), JCP legends like Tully Blanchard, and others. This was truly an event for anybody who is a fan of professional wrestling.

AiPT! was there to cover the event and meet with some of the ring legends. Check out our Twitter page to see more pictures from this weekend!


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