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Search between three oversized seats: How to complete Fortnite’s week 8 challenge

Find the location of this week’s Battle Star here.

As any seasoned Fortnite player knows, all weekly challenges are not created equal. This week’s cryptic challenge, “Search between three oversized seats,” is one of the more befuddling ones at first glance. But worry not, we’ve got the answers.

The three seats in question are as follows:

  • The wooden chair south of Shifty Shafts
  • The giant toilet near Flush Factory
  • Shipping container chair east of Flush Factory

Now that we know the location of the three oversized seats in question, we can find the star: on the mountain in the middle of all three of them.

Week 8’s star is atop the mountain, in a small patch of dirt.

Go forth, and collect your Battle Star!

For more help, check out this video guide via YouTuber gattu:


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