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‘Star Wars: A New Hope Graphic Novel Adaptation’ review

This is a must-have for any and all Star Wars fans young and old.

IDW’s brand new graphic novel adaptation of Star Wars: A New Hope hits comic book store shelves this week. It is a beautiful 70 page retelling of the beloved movie painstakingly recreated in a format for all ages to enjoy.

This adaptation put out by Disney and IDW is pretty near a 100% faithful recreation of the film. The manuscript was adapted by Alessandro Ferrari and it’s pretty close to the film with the exception of a few iconic moments such as Princess Leia criticizing Luke for being a little short for a stormtrooper. It also totally omits the trash compactor creature that grabs Luke by the leg and pulls him under the water in the film. Overall however, it is very true to the source material in story and dialogue.

Visually, this version is nothing short of stunning. The characters are drawn in a very fun and whimsical fashion that will definitely appeal to young readers. The backgrounds and the settings are done with an element of hyperrealism that is sometimes breathtaking. It’s in the juxtaposition between these two visual elements where the magic in this version truly lies. The background environments are extremely immersive and the action and adventure feels like it explodes off of every page. The coloring used is very bright and vibrant but also fits well with the Star Wars universe. This feels very streamlined but also organic, which should translate well to the classic fans, while also exciting the younger fans new to these epic stories.

Overall IDW has done a painstakingly amazing job adapting this story, and with the rest of the films in the works to be adapted as well, it is sure to be a series of graphic novels to be shared between all Star Wars fans young and old. This is a must-have title for any and every Star Wars fan, and if you have little ones this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to these amazing stories and characters.

Is it good?

I cannot recommend this adaptation enough. This is a must-have for any and all Star Wars fans young and old. Having been a huge fan of these movies and this franchise since I was a small child, I couldn’t be any more excited for IDW to adapt the rest of the films in this format!

Star Wars: A New Hope Graphic Novel Adaptation
Is it good?
This is a must-have for any and all Star Wars fans young and old.
Beautiful action-packed artwork that immerses the reader into the story and action in a very realistic way.
It captures the look and feel of the classic film in a very streamlined way for all ages to be amazed by.
This is the perfect graphic novel for Star Wars fans to share and enjoy with their children.
Fun, whimsical character design for the younger readers
It contains a wonderful four page “Meet the Characters” introduction with fun character bios.
Although this is a near-perfect adaptation of the film in almost every sense, there are certain classic dialogues that are left out.
No garbage compactor monster??? Seriously though!!??

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