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John Cena debuts new move at house show and it’s the Doomiest

John Cena expands his moveset!

John Cena is one of biggest names in the history of the WWE. He has held every title and accolade, feuded with some of the most well known names in professional wrestling, and headlined cards all around the world. Cena may be one of the most polarizing characters in wrestling history, but he is also one of the most well known.

Cena’s accomplishments are not just limited to the squared circle. The former Doctor of Thuganomics has made multiple forays into other forms of entertainment, including music, movies, and television. Cena’s various appearances in other mediums have made his name familiar to even non wrestling fans.

One thing Cena has never been known for is his expansive moveset, however. For years, fans have jokingly referred to Cena’s repertoire as the “5 Moves of Doom.” Recently, the former World Champion (who has always been able to laugh at himself) got in on the fun and teased he would be adding a new move.

Cena returned at a house show in China teaming with Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor to take on Elias, Baron Corbin, and Jinder Mahal. The Cenation team won following the debut of Cena’s new move. Is it #TheDoomiest or should Cena have kept the list at five?


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