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Pictures from All In including Rey Mysterio as Wolverine and Jericho’s surprise appearance!

Rey Mysterio continues his awesome comic book tradition and Jericho returns!

Labor Day weekend brought a nice gift to professional wrestling fans as Chicago (kinda) hosted All In. Put together by Cody and The Young Bucks, the event promised to be one of the most historic in the history of wrestling. It has been decades since a pro wrestling show other than the worldwide juggernaut known as the WWE has been able to fill an arena with 10,000 fans. The independent super show sold out in under half an hour proving that there is a market out there for wrestling outside of Vince McMahon’s company.

There was much speculation going into the event. Would CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, or Neville make a surprise appearance? Could All In possibly live up to the massive expectations? What the hell were the matches?

There were surprises and the card was a whole lot of fun. AiPT! was there live and got some pictures from one of the biggest events of 2018.




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