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Overwatch League: Seoul Dynasty parts ways with Miro, Gido and Wekeed

Seoul joins the ever growing list of teams to make big roster changes.

A few hours ago the Seoul Dynasty joined the ever growing list of Overwatch Leagues making big roster changes this off season, with the announcement of the release of Gong Jinhyeok ‘Miro’, Moon Gido ‘Gido’, and Choi Seokwoo ‘Wekeed’.

The announcement came via the Seoul Dynasty’s Twitter.

Miro’s release doesn’t come as that much of a surprise as many expected him to be replaced after the Dynasty acquired Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung through a trade with the NYXL a few weeks ago. Fissure is acknowledged as one of the best tanks in Overwatch League and was an MVP candidate during the inaugural season.

Both Miro and Giro came to the Dynasty from the Lunatic Hai squad, of which Miro was a founding member. While Wekeed came to the Dynasty from LuxuryWatch Red, a team that also saw players ArK and HOTBA join the NYXL.

The changes made to the Dynasty’s roster were expected after a disappointing season, with the Dynasty finishing in eight place with a record of 22 wins and 18 losses. Many had predicated that Seoul would be one of the more strong and successful teams, so it came as quite the shock when they didn’t manage to make the playoff stage, let alone the grand finals.

We’ll have to wait until the free agency period opens for unsigned players on Sep. 9 to see what additions Seoul intends to make to their roster. At this time there’s no date available for the start of Overwatch League Season 2.


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