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2019 Marvel Legends: Mystique, Weapon X, and more announced at Fan Expo!

Hasbro announces Marvel Legends Mystique, Weapon X, Guardian, and Wendigo at the Canada Fax Expo

Hasbro is killing it this year with their Marvel Legends announcements. They had a load of announcements at SDCC and just recently at the Canada Fan Expo they announced Marvel Legends Weapon X, Mystique, Guardian, and a Wendigo Build-A-Figure.

First up is the new Weapon X figure. The figure is based on Logan in the midst of the procedure that gives him his adamantium skeleton and transforming him into Wolverine as first seen in the Weapon X storyline. I am not a huge X-Men fan, but I must admit that this is easily my favorite character out of the four announced.

Next up is Alpha Flight’s Guardian. We have seen Guardian before in the 2008 Walmart Exclusive Ares series, but he is back with a much better look. Plus, you are looking to spend a nice penny to add that one into your collection. However, I prefer the look of this Guardian over the 2008 version easy.

Mystique might be the harder one out of the four to find. She happens to be a Walgreens exclusive and if your Walgreens is anything like the ones near me, good luck finding anything exclusive! I think her color scheme makes her a beautiful figure. I am looking forward to adding her to my collection.

And I am sorry to say that the Build-A-Figure didn’t excite me one bit when I saw him. I am sure some of you are fans of Wendigo but I am not not. I don’t like the design much either, but if you are fan of him, enjoy!

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