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A long-dead character returns in ‘The Immortal Hulk’ #5 and it changes everything

The Hulk will never be the same again.

SPOILERS ahead. You’ve been warned.

To learn more, read the AiPT! review.

Since the creation of Hulk, the character has been mostly a loner. He’s had Betty Ross to fall in love with here and there, but he’s mostly been running all alone from authorities. Certainly, he has no family to turn to. Or maybe he does now. In the latest issue of The Immortal Hulk, out today, Al Ewing and Joe Bennett have Hulk take on Sasquatch and the fight is brutal.

Physically brutal, but also emotionally brutal too. Why is that?

Yep, his father is inside Sasquatch. After you do a natural double take like the rest of us, you’ll realize this is a huge development for Hulk. All of his mental issues and the addictions are due to this man. He’s not only somehow alive, but he’s inside this monster and can torment Bruce Banner all over again.

The issue doesn’t stop there either. In a twist on top of a twist, Bruce’s father is trapped inside himself.

That’s going to wreak havoc on an already crowded mind!

To get the full scoop on the events of this comic read it digitally today.


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