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Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 Review

Watch Cosmic Ghost Rider blow holes in a wide variety of heroes!

Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett
Price: $6.36

There are comics that are meant to teach us or meant to build on something, and then there are comics like Cosmic Ghost Rider that are simply crazy-town fun. This is a series that’s wild with its ideas, violence, and twists, keeping you entertained every inch of the way. This is fun comics.

So what’s it about?

Read the preview.

Why does this matter?

This series also spins out of Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s excellent work on Thanos. It’s jumping through dimensions and not giving any worry to continuity or ramifications. It’s all-out fun.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

What a chatty Kathy. Credit: Marvel Comics

This issue opens with Uatu filling the reader in on what has happened before. A strange occurrence to be sure — he’s only supposed to watch — but a fun one nonetheless. Cates is doing whatever the heck he wants with these characters and it’s incredibly fun. If you like alternate dimension characters you’re really going to love this issue since it literally thrusts a wide variety of Guardians of the Galaxy teams at Cosmic Ghost Rider. That includes the insane idea of Juggerduck and varieties of heroes that are familiar, but still different. This issue also ends with an immediately satisfying twist that ties into the mayhem and violence on every page.

Dylan Burnett is putting on a clinic with the action and violence in this issue too. There’s a comedic element to be sure — Cable’s reaction to his team being annihilated is great fun — and it never gets old seeing Cosmic Ghost Rider blow holes into characters. The title character also looks slick as hell throughout and the design looks fantastic every panel, no matter if he’s being silly or serious.

The panel work is fantastic. Credit: Marvel Comics

It can’t be perfect can it?

Considering how insane this comic can get (Galactus gets shot out of a shotgun at one point…don’t ask), it’s hard to take any of it too seriously. I keep saying it’s fun and it sure is, but you may need to turn your brain off a tick. There are fun iterations to be had, but we all know the characters being killed matters very little. We even know Thanos’ part in the story isn’t very meaningful since it’ll all need to be erased eventually. That’s comics in a nutshell though, so how much you hold that against this book depends on how serious you like your comic books.

Is it good?

A fun, raucous and wild ride that is not to be missed if you want to turn your brain off.

Cosmic Ghost Rider #3
Is it good?
A good issue that's a ton of fun to read.
Cool ideas, insane action make this a lot of fun
The art is fantastic
Comedic beats work
It's fun, but none of it really matters in the grand scheme of things

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